A comms expert, a marketing executive, and a creative guy walk into a bar…

Actually we didn’t walk into a bar (well, sure we did. Many times. But not this time). It wasn’t really a bar, it was an agency. And we didn’t walk into it, we built it. 

Nonfiction’s DNA, and the persistent element within everything we do, is as simple as it is pure: Start with the truth – in every idea, every message, and every relationship. That’s why even though we’re an agency, you won’t hear much agency-speak from us. We’d rather stay visionary but direct. Empathetic but focused. And always driven to produce results.

We study market research, audience behavior, data, the competitive landscape, platforms, trends, etc… all to power the thinking in all of our work. TL;DR version: We don’t just wing it or make stuff up, ever.

We’re here to help tell your brand’s story. And to us, the best stories are always anchored to a fundamental truth. We believe that finding the heart of a brand and using that as the core of all communications is how ideas transcend messaging and advertising.

Nonfiction is authentic in everything we do, whether that’s our client relationships, organizational philosophy, or (especially) our work.

True Story.

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