Turns out for us, quite a lot actually.

Naming our own agency was a pretty daunting task. When we started talking about setting up our shop, we at least had the head start of knowing we didn’t want to name it after ourselves. We also knew we didn’t want to do some kind of amalgamation of our names – although we may revisit McBurrini, if we ever open a fast food burritos and pasta joint. We kicked around names based on pop culture references, tried a few names that we thought would be great in some markets, but not others, and went through dozens that one or two of us loved, while one or two of us didn’t.

After all of that, we finally settled on one that we thought we could live with. Ultimately, we went pretty far down a path of working with one that we’d talked ourselves into, if for no other reason than none of us hated it.

But after locking down a URL, social media handles, and a round or two of logos for our now-defunct working title agency name, someone suggested Nonfiction. (Ok, it was Mark. But don’t let him know that you know that).

Immediately, we were all in. We liked the literary association as we’re all storytellers at heart. Every brand has a story to tell, and we’re here to help tell it in the most effective way we can. That storytelling spirit is also where Jack, our jackalope logo, came from. Good stories communicate ideas in a way that engages an audience, and our little Jack (or sometimes Jackie, depending on the day and how he/she is feeling) is meant to symbolize that. Although truth be told, I was hellbent on a jackalope logo no matter what we ended up calling ourselves.

Oh, and speaking of truth…

The other thing that drew us to the name is, as literary terms or genres go, we were particularly drawn to Nonfiction because it’s about stories that are, by definition, true. That’s the star above Jack in our logo – storytelling guided by a truth, or a “North Star”. Our DNA, and the persistent element within everything we do, is as simple as it is pure: Start with the truth – in every idea, every message, and every relationship. Look around our site for a bit – you won’t find much agency-speak. Get to know us a bit, and you’ll find pretty quickly that in addition to being a very talented group that’s a lot of fun to work with, we are certified zero percent bullshit.

So that’s us. Nonfiction.

Visionary but direct. Empathetic but focused. And above all, driven to produce results. Authentic in everything we do, we take pride in always being energetic, driven, relentlessly creative, and a pleasure to work with.

True story.