Hi there. As I write this, we’re new here. Which means you may be reading this when we’re new, or you may be new to us. Here’s a bit about us.

The three of us have spent a lot of time in different agencies. ˈājənsē: mid 17th cent.: from medieval Latin agentia, from agent- ‘doing’. And to be frank, we share the opinion that most agencies on a well-meaning path to growth, could do things better.

The three of us share values and goals that drive us to try our hand at a new approach. We like profit as much as the next guy, but healthy growth and culture comes from impressing clients who will hire us again, and tell their friends about us.

  • The three of us have worked with hundreds of marketers. We each have over 20 years’ experience in our core areas of expertise. We co-strategize to maximize results.
  • We know long-lasting growth is always slow and steady. We build teams by hiring good, experienced people we’ve worked with previously. We know the best in our industry, and have partnered with or hired those same people over and over. This lets us deploy the best team for each client – a winning proposition for everyone.
  • Everything we do starts AND ends with data so we know we’ll make an impact before we begin.
  • While we’re very different individually, we’re all at a point in our careers where we value quality over quantity. We choose to work with good people and good brands who ask and need a lot from their agency partners, but who also have a good time getting it done.
  • We’re very nice but quite direct too, and we expect such candor from our client partners. There’s no room – or time – for BS. If we’re aren’t helping you, business suffers. We’re interested in achieving success together.

One of us loves the 80s so much it drove the title for this post. Howard Jones is classic, even if that dates us…which speaks again to our experience though, doesn’t it?

We could go on, but we’d rather learn about you. If you’re so inclined introduce yourself, or let us know when we can meet for coffee or something stronger.